Payment Policy


Payment Policy
Austrain Academy offers programs / services on a government subsidised or commercial basis.
The policy applies to:
·         AQF Qualifications and Statements of Attainment
·         Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL)
·         Customised training developed for individuals, enterprises and client groups
·         Commercial non-accredited courses
·         Consultation Services
·         Compliance Systems
There are two fee structures:
1.    (a) Government funded/subsidised training- New Entrant Traineeships, Apprenticeships & Strategic Skills Programs (SSP)
These programs attract an Administration Fee which is mandated as the equivalent of the TAFE NSW fee. 
Fees for new entrant trainees and apprentices are billed prior to training commencement/engagement and then annually on the anniversary of this date. If these fees are not paid, training will not commence or may be suspended.
The fees and charges applicable to each training program are confirmed directly with the participant, or with a participant’s employer or other third party making payment on behalf of the participant prior to or at enrolment.
 A fee will be agreed and signed by all parties for all participants enrolling in a full AQF Qualification course or other government funded program such as the Strategic Skills Program prior to completion of enrolment.
Fees may be paid in two equal installments in advance of training commencing.

For eligible participants, such as recipients of eligible Commonwealth benefits or allowances or their dependent child, spouse or partner; a Fee Exemption/Concession is
available and may be applied for using the appropriate form . (See the form for the list of eligible benefits or contact Austrain Academy.)
Australian Aboriginals, Torres Strait Islander & School Based Apprentices and Trainees are exempt from fees.
Required documentary proof must be supplied.
A refund may be given in certain exceptional circumstances and when you formally advise of withdrawal from your course/qualification prior to attendance or participation in training.
For the full list of circumstances where you may be eligible for a refund please see the WIthdrawal/Refund Application Form. This list is not exhaustive and discretion may be exercised by Austrain Academy’s Senior Management.
1.(b) Government funded/subsidised training – National Workforce Development Fund (NWDF)
These programs require a percentage of the full training cost to be funded by industry or the participant’s employer. The percentage fee depends on the number of employees of the enterprise.
There are no concessions or exemptions for these programs and refunds will only be given in certain exceptional circumstances as per all government funded training.
2.   Commercial or fee-for-service training/assessment-
These programs may include training & assessment of single units of competence to fulfil an industry need or licensing outcome, full AQF qualifications, and existing worker trainees. The Commercial Payment Policy below is applicable to these courses. There are no fee exemptions or concessions for these programs or courses.
Commercial fees will be advised and collected prior to enrolment.
 Commercial Payment Policies (Effective as of 1st October 2012)
Note: For full qualification participants, or group bookings, alternative policies may be agreed in writing. Please consult your training proposal.
1. All Course, Consultation and or System fees to be paid in advance.
2. Austrain Academy accepts only the following forms of payment
• Credit Card American Express, Mastercard & Visa Card ( purchases via credit card will attract a 2% surcharge)
• Direct Deposits must be received 3 working days prior to a course
• Internet Banking must be received 3 working days prior to a course
• Cheques – Only to approved Clients
• Money Orders - Only to approved Clients
• Invoicing and Purchase Orders are only available on request to approved clients
3. Booking/s will be confirmed (by letter / phone /email) once payment received.
4. Austrain Academy reserves the right to cancel a course if there are insufficient Participants enrolled.
5. Non-attendance without notice will result in the full course fee being charged.
6. A substitute may be nominated to attend the course/program without penalty prior to the commencement of the course/program.
7. No refund/s will be given after the training program/consultation has commenced, or system developed.
1. 7 days notice must be given for any transfers without penalty.
2. For transfers less than 7 days a re-booking fee of 25% of the set fee applies per person, course, consultation and or System.
3. Transfers made within 48 hours are subject to a re-booking fee of 50% of the set fee per person, course, consultation and or System.
1. Cancellations made 7 days or more prior to a course, consultation or system implementation shall incur the cost of government statutory charges and no Austrain Academy administration fees.
2. Cancellations made within 7 days of a course, consultation or system implementation shall incur the cost of government statutory charges and Austrain Academy administration fee which is 25% of the course fee.
3. Cancellations made within 48 hours of a course, consultation or system implementation shall be cost of government statutory charges and Austrain Academy administration fee which is 50% of the course fee.
Refund Policy
Austrain Academy has in place a fair and equitable refund policy
Austrain Academy will refund on the following basis:
• Any overpaid monies
• has cancelled the booking or course
• we are notified 7 days prior to commencement of a course, consultation or system implementation (subject to our refund and cancellation policy)
• All requests for refunds must be submitted using the Austrain Academy refund application Form  (subject to our refund and cancellation policy)
Refunds of advance payments may be provided on a sliding scale determined by the number of units commenced/training engaged.
Participants in exceptional circumstances can make application for special consideration to Austrain Academy’s Chief Executive Officer and or Compliance Administrator.

For all programs:
·         Before enrolling, please contact Austrain Academy on 1300 20 40 20 or to find out your eligibility for the different types of programs and to confirm the documentation required to support your application.
·         All payments will be recorded in the MYOB accounting system and receipts issued.
·         Only when your enrolment is complete and the applicable fees have been paid, will you be entitled to attend classes/engage in training, participate in assessments and receive statements of attainment, testamurs and academic transcripts.
·         Where fees are paid in advance, these payment records will ensure that the participant’s payments are recorded separately within our MYOB accounting system in sufficient detail so that training progress can be monitored against fees paid.
·         Requests for Refunds, withdrawals, concessions & exemptions must be submitted to Austrain Academy using the applicable form and accompanied by required evidence.
·         Requests will be responded to in writing by Austrain Academy CEO within 7 days of receiving the request with the reason for granting or denying the request. All requests and their outcomes will be recorded in Austrain Academy’s Participant Management System.
Other Fees & Costs: Additional fees may be payable for:
·         Reissuance of course materials
·         Course extensions
·         Reissuance of qualifications/statements of attainment
·         Statutory government charges for certificates / competency cards
·         Tools, equipment and clothing required for training/assessment
·         Licence Fees
·         Other – will be disclosed prior to enrolment